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Beaded Bracelets for Men

Our handcrafted stone bracelets unlock a distinctive style and unparalleled versatility that's been elevating personal styles for the past eight years.

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Pietersite Bracelet IV (7.5mm)
TOP RATED Landscape Jasper Bracelet IV (4mm)
Amethyst Bracelet XV (5mm)
TOP RATED Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet V (4mm)
Amazonite-Aventurine-Apatite-Labradorite Bracelet IV (6mm)
TOP RATED Landscape Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm)
Limited Blue Opal Bracelet VIII (6mm)
Black Agate Bracelet VI (4mm)
TOP RATED Vanilla Jade Bracelet IV (6mm)
Hematite Bracelet IV (6mm)
TOP RATED Hematite Blue Bracelet VI (12mm)
Yellow Jade Bracelet V (6mm)
NEW Fossil Coral Bracelet I (8mm)
Pearl Bracelet VIII (7-8mm)
Tiger Eye Bracelet IX (6mm)
Bronzite Bracelet V (4mm)
Carnelian Bracelet V (4mm)
Hematite - Serpentine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8524864323919)
Hematite - Teal Bracelet XI (4mm)
Parvus Howlite Tube, 5mm, Silver bracelet (6638534328374)
Pearl Bracelet VI (9-10mm)
Imperial Jasper Bracelet IV (4mm)
Amethyst Bracelet XVII (6mm)
Carnelian - Cube Bracelet I (4mm)
Imperial Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet XII (4mm)
Carnelian Bracelet XI (6mm)
Hematite - Ivory Bracelet XIX (4mm)
Jade - Aventurine - Fossil - Serpentine Bracelet IV (6mm)
Mookaite Bracelet IV (5.5mm)
Carnelian Bracelet X (10mm)
Orange Aventurine Bracelet IV (4mm)
Pietersite Bracelet V (7.5mm)
Iolite Bracelet V (5.5mm)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet I (6mm)
Carnelian Bracelet XIV (8mm)
Labradorite Bracelet VI (12mm)
Sunstone - Rose Quartz - White Quartz - Lava Bracelet IV (6mm)
Emerald - Black Spinel Bracelet (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Multicolor Bracelet XVIII (4mm)
Colorful Hematite Bracelet (4mm)
Orange Aventurine Bracelet V (6mm)
Chrysoprase Bracelet IV (10mm)
NEW Black Onyx Bracelet VI (4mm)
Apatite Bracelet VI (12mm)
Yellow Jade Bracelet VI (6mm)
Sardonyx Bracelet IV (6mm)
Hematite - Metallic Brown Bracelet XX (4mm)